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What is the difference between twin flames & soulmates?

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Is there a difference between Twin Flames versus Soulmates?

Twin Flame & Soulmate relationships are important to our personal experience here in this world. We all need, at one point or another, to be able to find our soul partner in order to reach the highest vibrations of love. Trying to understand the difference between these kinds of relationships and connections can be very hard for others. There is a lot of misinformation out there as to what twin flames and soulmates, actually, are. I hope to bring some clarity regarding this topic with the below details.

What Are Twin Flame Partners?

Twin Flames are in essence the other half of your soul. They're your completion of self and connection to the divine. These connections are also known as twin souls & mirror souls. It is believed that when we are first created by God (The Divine Being), our souls are split into two separate beings (Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine). It, then, becomes our mission on earth to find and discover our twin flame and have reunion with them.

We can experience many different types of soul connections before we meet our twin flame. We can have multiple soulmates and karmic lovers, etc., but we only get ONE TWIN FLAME. Twin Flames are destined to be our healers and help us through ascendance during our time on the earthly plane.

It is most vital to come in true reunion with a twin flame in order to grow in areas of love, understanding, forgiveness, empathy, balance and spiritual ability. We were NOT designed to be alone. Each and every twin flame soul has a twin flame, even though it is possible you may not meet them in this lifetime.

Soulmate Lovers

What Are Soulmate Partners?

Soulmate relationships can be experienced in many different ways. Soulmates are not categorized only for romantic connections, but they can be your best friends, family and loved ones (including animals). Soulmates are members of your 'soul family' and can be an integral part of your love journey.

Soulmate relationships can teach us about self-respect, gratitude and help us further along our true path. Your soulmate is someone who understands your point of view on things, and you both may share many common interests and ideas.

Some soulmate connections can be so strong that they can last forever and be a worthy substitute for a twin flame connection. Some people can end up happily married and have a family with their soulmate. However, soulmate relationships are not the highest vibration of connection there is in the universe. So, there's always a chance there could be a feeling of "something's missing" in these kinds of relationships.

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