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Terms of Use and Disclaimer

By using the website, you agree to accept our terms and conditions and disclaimer. We reserve the right to change or update these terms and conditions and disclaimer without notice at anytime. When you use our services, these terms, conditions and disclaimer are in effect. If you do not want to honor these terms, conditions, and disclaimer, do not use the website or contact us for services.

This website or any of our services may not be used for any activity that is considered illegal, offensive, harassment, or other immoral purposes.

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Debit Card/Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Cash App & Apple Pay as payment. We may offer other forms of payment for which you agree to all associated restrictions, terms and conditions.

All services will be paid in advance. may change prices and billing for services and products at any time.

You agree to treat our advisors and staff with respect and consideration. You acknowledge that you are calling for insight and agree not to recruit us for different purposes. We reserve the right to refuse or end services with clients at any time, even if we have already received payment, for whatever reason we deem necessary.


Twin Flames Psychic & Associates has the right to refuse or cancel service to anyone at anytime for any reason at our discretion, without providing any refunds. This policy and term is NON-NEGOTIABLE. So, please consider this policy agreement BEFORE acquiring any type of service, products or consulting sessions offered by us. Once you have made a purchase to Twin Flames Psychic & Associates, YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND, even if your service is CANCELED.

Here are some examples of when we may cancel or refuse a client service. These are just some examples, but they're not limited as to other reasons why a service may be canceled.

1. Client is being rude, aggressive and showing harassing behaviors by being demanding, nagging and/or constantly trying to contact us and being disruptive. This means calling, e-mailing, texting or stalking on a frequent basis, even when told not to. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and termination of client's service would be immediate.

2. A client that lacks faith in the process of our spiritual work or guidance. A client that is always questioning or showing doubt, or just being very difficult and not accepting of the information or process of her spiritual work. When clients become difficult to work with and non-cooperative, their service will be canceled, immediately.

3. Not providing payment for services rendered. When a client makes an agreement that they will fulfill payments/installments, but fails to do so, we will cancel their service. If a client has made only a partial payment on services and their service gets canceled, they will not be eligible for a refund whatsoever.

4. If a client chooses to lose contact with us or doesn't respond back in a timely fashion, we will close a client's case for lack of communication. We cannot keep a client's case open, without a client keeping in contact. Otherwise, we assume client has abandoned their case. Once a client's case has been closed for this reason, it cannot be reopened and no refunds will be provided


  1. We do not refund, return or exchange on any services, products, readings, distance energy healing, coaching or consulting. All sales will be final.

  2. If ‘you’, the customer is late for a scheduled appointment or don't show up, your appointment is immediately cancelled and fees will not be refunded, returned or exchanged.

  3. Your scheduled appointment will not be transferred, exchanged, refunded or returned to a third party, friend, relative or persons requested by you, the customer.


  1. Bookings via our contact details on our website;


  1. You agree to attend the booking location giving, time/date that has been requested by you when making your booking. Incorrect scheduled bookings will be treated as a missed appointment in accordance with our ‘Bookings Cancellations’ set out below.

  2. Your location will be forwarded to you once payment is received.


  1. If you wish to cancel a reading appointment, it is required that 24 hours notice is required. Otherwise, charges will apply. Usually 50% of the session.

  2. We will endeavor to reschedule your appointment if your request to change has been received prior to the times mentioned above.

  3. Other services such as spiritual coaching/consulting, distance energy healing programs, reiki, chakra balancing, twin flame & soulmate healing, etc. CANNOT BE CANCELED OR REFUNDED after your purchase.


All services offered to you by ‘us’ on our site, are for informational & spiritual purposes only. All users are to be 18 years of age or older.,  it’s advisors, staff, vendors/suppliers, psychics & experts, are not responsible for your decisions or choices made based on the advice or information obtained on or from our employees, associates of our website or services. Insight into any area of your life provided during a session will be offered using psychic awareness, mediumship & tarot cards, and is for spiritual and religious purposes only. 100% accuracy or results are NOT GUARANTEED.

Any information shared is to be used at your own discretion, and common sense should always prevail. We strongly advise that before making any major life decisions, seek professional help from a qualified persons in that field; financial, medical care, legal, career, psychology, therapist, etc. Twin Flames Psychic, employees, staff & associates, will not take any responsibility or be held liable for your actions or decisions based on any readings or services provided. You continuing to use this website and or any services provided is confirmation that you understand and accept these terms and will act accordingly without recourse.


We take your privacy of information very seriously. All clients' personal information is held in complete confidence. There is never any sale of personal information to any third party. At any time you request to add or delete your personal information from our records it will automatically be honored. All clients are dealt with on a professional and discreet basis. Any information shared between you and Twin Flames Psychic, Staff, Associates & Employees of in sessions, readings or any type of communication, is completely private and is never shared or given to anyone without your permission.

Your personal information will be not shared by with any third party other than financial information necessary for credit card processing purposes. is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of websites that may link to or from us.

These terms, conditions, and disclaimers constitute the agreement in its entirety.

DISCLAIMER: Must be 18+. Twin Flames Psychic & Associates work is serious, and we will be honest with you; results & accuracy may vary by individual. Spiritual healing & consulting is NOT an exact science, but a spiritual matter and a progressive process. This site, content and all services are intended for informational purposes only. No refunds after any purchase.

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