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Twin Flame Love Reading

Spiritual Guidance for twin flames & soulmates. A reading based on your energy and the energy of your divine counterpart. Reveals their true thoughts, feeling & intentions towards you. This reading will identify your connection type (whether it's a twin flame, twin soul, soulmate or karmic lover). This reading will also test the compatibility level with your person and will provide a relationship forecast for the next 6-18 months.


Twin Flame Discovery

If you're currently single and haven't met your twin flame, this reading is for you! Discover who may be your twin flame partner, what he/she may look like, zodiac sign, personality, etc. Gives insights when, where and how you'll meet your twin flame. During this reading, you will be advised you on how to remove any blockages that might be keeping you from connecting to your twin flame and share spiritual techniques with you on how to manifest them into your life.


Chakra & Aura Reading

This reading is an in-depth look into each of your Chakras and your entire Auric Field. This reading will give you as much detail as possible and inform you of any issues within your soul code. This session will guide you to your true life purpose and tap into your akashic records and what they may entail. It will go deeper into your energy as a whole and include any additional messages that may come through for you from Spirit.


Ongoing Readings & Intuitive Coaching

For repeating clients that are needing additional sessions, tarot readings, twin flame coaching and spiritual guidance on a continued bases. Contact us for package pricing and customization, as fees may vary.

Priced Per Session

$199 & UP

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