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Signs You Have Met Your True Twin Flame Lover
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Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

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The Top 10 Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

Here are some signs to look out for if you have met your twin flame. The biggest indication you have come in contact with your twin flame is when you feel instantly connected to that person upon first meeting. There is a powerful attraction that you have with them, and all you want to do is just spend as much time with them as possible.

Twin Flame relationships can be experienced differently for everyone. Especially, if twin flames haven't let go of their inner fears, ego and conflicts. When twin flames are in TRUE REUNION, these are the telltale signs that you have encountered a twin flame connection.

1. You feel as if you have known this person forever. They have a familiar and comfortable energy, even if you just met.

Twin Flames can experience the phenomenon called "soul recognition". This is where, upon first meeting, the twin flame vibration ignites between the two of you. You, instantly, feel connected and realize this energy you share is something very unique.

2. Your twin flame pushes you or inspires you to grow and face your inner traumas & insecurities.

Your twin flame partner challenges you to deal with the issues that you have pushed aside and have chosen to ignore in life. The twin flame relationship is complicated for very good reason. It pushes you to grow and understand why you do the certain things that you do, and where these behaviors originate from.

3. You can feel their presence and feel connected to them, even when they're not there.

Twin Flames have such a strong bond with one another, that even if their twin flame is not physically around them, due to separation or they're living somewhere long distance, you can feel each other's energy around you. Some twin flames have reported their partner hugging them or touching their hair, even though they are thousands of miles away from one another. Twin Flames share a telepathic connection.

4. You have intense dreams about them, which can be very passionate and real.

Twin Flames can visit each other's dreams. You may dream of your twin flame constantly. This is a sign that your twin flame is thinking and dreaming of you as well. This is also how twin flames can connect in the 5D realm and give each other messages.

5. You notice a lot of synchronicity, such as seeing 11:11, 222, 333, 777, etc.

Angel numbers that are frequently showing up around you indicate that you and your twin flame have a divine appointment. The universe is signaling to you that you are about to encounter your twin flame, or if you have already met your twin flame, something very good is about to happen for your relationship together.

6. You can feel each other's pain, hurt, happiness, anger or sadness.

Twin Flames almost always have a psychic connection with each other. If you feel sudden moments of intense emotions that were not brought on by anything you were currently experiencing, this means you are receiving a psychic download of your twin flame's current emotional energy. This can sometimes be shocking for twin flames to experience, but nonetheless, it just confirms and provides evidence on how truly special and strong your connection is with one another.

7. You are strongly drawn to your twin, like a moth to a flame. You cannot help but be pulled to them, no matter the situation.

The twin flame relationship can be very difficult to deal with at times. Such issues as infidelity, your partner being married or involved with someone else (or you're the one with someone else/married), is just one of the many complications that can arise. However, even if it looks like there is no hope for this relationship to survive or have a chance for you to really be together, you're still very much drawn to your twin flame, and you cannot get them out of your heart or mind.

8. You share the same goals, ambitions and future plans, and your life experiences mirror each other.

You may notice that you and your twin flame have had similar upbringings or life journeys. Twin Flames may also share the same type of traumas or negative cycles. This is a powerful sign that you and your twin flame were to meant to find each other and help heal one another.

9. When you are physically intimate, it's an experience and connection that you have never felt before with someone.

The passion between twin flames is something that could only be experienced once in a life time. The physical connection during any type of intimacy with your partner is explosive and powerful. Simply touching your twin flame's hand can start an electrical buzz that you feel deep in your soul. Although twin flames are deeply connected in the 5D (spiritual realm), in the 3D (physical realm) this can be experienced with intense physical attraction and sensual chemistry.

10. You can't imagine your life without them. Thinking of such a thing brings you great sorrow and anxiety. You feel that a part of you would be missing if they left.

Separation from a twin flame can feel like a death loss. That's how intense the grief and pain can be when you and your twin flame are not in union. Your twin flame partner is the other half of you, so it's only natural to feel like something is not right in your world, when you're not together or in a bad place with one another. Twin Flames are meant to be as one and ascend in both of their spiritual awakenings.

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