Twin Flame Psychic Reading
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Services & Rates

Please contact me to book your intuitive reading, energy balancing or twin flame healing program.


I provide live readings by phone and through whatsapp. Sessions are approximately 18-25 minutes in length. If you want a longer session time, it's $10 USD extra per additional 10 minutes added. Please note that I do not offer any email readings or live video chat readings.

Psychic Phone Readings, Twin Flame Readings by Phone, Live Phone Psychics

Twin Flame Love Reading - $65 USD $50 for New Clients!

Learn more about your twin flame relationship. I will tell you if your have met your twin flame or when you will discover them. I can also advise you regarding what type of energetic profile your share with your partner, whether it is twin flame, soulmate or karmic connection. I will let you know if your ex still thinks about you and if you should get back together. I will answer any of your questions regarding love, dating and marriage.

Full Life Reading$75 USD $65 for New Clients!

I will help explore other areas of life and give you intuitive advice based on my tarot and oracle cards. I can provide insights regarding career, relationships, well-being, financial aspects, your personal goals and dreams, spiritual matters and more. This reading also includes the Twin Flame Reading at no additional fee!

Energy Chart Reading$85 USD $75 for New Clients!

An energy reading that focuses on your chakras and aura colors. I will tap into your vibrational frequencies and let your know what may be positive or negative in your energies. I will give you a full analysis and advise what you can do to promote inner balance and healing. Also includes general tarot and twin flame reading!

Ongoing Readings & Intuitive Coaching - $100 & UP per session.
(Prices May Vary Per Client's Needs & Customization)

Remote & Distance Healing

My energy healing methods can help clients from all over the globe. I use distance reiki, chakra balancing, prayer/meditation, precious crystals and stones, orgonite, sacred tools, angel guide healing and vibrational channeling to transmute negative energy and spiritual blockages. I can help you to learn how to activate balance and harmony in your life, well-being, career and relationships.
Chakra Balancing, Twin Flame Healing, Distance Healing, Remote Healing, Reik for Love, Chakra Cleansing

Twin Flame Love Healing 

Remove negativity, influences and bad karmic energy. Alleviate disconnection, miscommunication and separation with your twin flame. My twin flame energy healing program may help you to rid of any internal or external conflicts that you and your partner are dealing with, so that you can start healing and go into the next stages of true reunion and life long commitment.

Life Cleansing & Spiritual Alignment 

If you are needing a full energy restart, I can help balance your chakras and auras in a complete healing session. If you are noticing things are seeming to fall apart all around you in all areas of life (health, love, job, money, happiness, friends, family etc.) and don't understand why, you may need a chakra/aura cleansing to purge negative energy and attract more positive vibrations.

Starseed & Indigo Healing 

If you feel that you are called to a higher purpose in life, and know that you are a starseed or was born an indigo child, then this healing program can help activate your spiritual gifts, talents and psychic abilities further. I will help you to remove any blocks or energetic interference that may be preventing you from reaching your true cosmic potential.

Remote Healing Fees - $300 USD & UP
(Prices May Vary Per Client's Needs & Customization)

Call or Text to Book Your Reading!

Also Available on WhatsApp

Psychic Readings Open 24 Hours

Payments Accepted:

All Major Credit & Debit Cards, Venmo & Cash App


Paul W. said…
THE READING WAS SO ACCURATE! She nailed everything down! I am so impressed! I am now working with Brianna for help with communicating better with my twin flame, and I know we are on the path to an improved relationship with her coaching and guidance. Thank you so much, Brianna, for all your hard work and much needed help!
dannycohen said…
Brianna's services are a godsend. she helped Me realize the issues that I needed to work on to help me an my twin flame to have reunion. Our relationship is better than ever. Her guidance is so helpful!!! 5 star service *****
Chelsea said…
Brianna was so sweet and picked up on my twin flame connection immediately. I specifically sought out someone how specialized in twin flames and I'm glad I came across her. Thanks so much!

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