What is the difference between twin flames & soulmates?

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Twin Flame & Soulmate relationships are important to our personal experience here in this world. We all need to find our soul partner in order to reach the highest vibrations of love. Trying to understand the difference between these kinds of relationships and connections can be very hard for some. There can be a lot of misinformation out there as to what twin flames and soulmates really are. I hope to bring some clarity regarding this topic with the below information.

What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are in essence, the other half of your soul. They are your completion of self and connection to the divine. These connections are also known as twin souls & mirror souls. It is believed that when we are first created by God (The Divine Being), our souls are split into two separate beings (Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine). It, then, becomes our mission on earth to find and discover our twin flame and have reunion with them. We can experience many different types of soul connections before we meet our twin flame. We can have multiple soulmates/karmic lovers, etc., but we only get ONE TWIN FLAME.  Twin Flames are destined to be our healers and ascenders during our time on the earthly plane. It is most vital to come in true reunion with a twin flame in order to grow in areas of love, understanding, forgiveness, empathy, balance and spiritual ability. We were NOT designed to be alone. Each and every soul has a twin flame, even though it is possible you may not meet them in this lifetime.

What are Soulmates?

Soulmates can be experienced in many different ways. Soulmates are not categorized only for romantic connections, but they can be your friends, family and loved ones (including animals!). Soulmate type relationships are the ones we can learn a lot about ourselves from. Soulmates are our teachers and lesson learners. These relationships can help aid you on finding out exactly what you want and need in love and in life. They can teach us about self-respect, gratitude and help us further along our true path. They can be stepping stones to where we're suppose to be. Some soulmate connections can be so strong, that they can last forever and be a worthy substitute for a twin flame connection. Some people can end up married and start a family with their soulmate. However, soulmates are not the highest vibration of connection there is in the universe. So, there's always a chance there could be a feeling of "something's missing" in these kinds of relationships.

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Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame...

Here are some signs to look out for if you have met your twin flame. The biggest indication you have come in contact with your twin flame is when you feel instantly connected to that person upon first meeting. There is a powerful attraction that you have with them, and all you want to do is just spend as much time with them as possible. Twin Flame relationships can be experienced differently for everyone. Especially, if twin flames haven't let go of their inner fears, ego and conflicts. When twin flames are in TRUE REUNION, these are the telltale signs that you have encountered a twin flame connection.

* You feel "at home" with this person and can just be yourself when you're around them.

* You feel as if you have known this person forever. They have a familiar and comfortable energy, even if you just met.

* You can feel their presence and feel connected to them when they're not there.

* You have intense dreams about them, which can be very passionate and surreal.

* You notice synchronicities, such as seeing 11:11, 444, 777, etc.

* You can feel each other's pain, hurt, happiness, anger or sadness.

* You are strongly drawn to your twin, like a moth to a flame. You cannot help but be pulled to them, no matter the circumstances.

* You share the same goals, ambitions and future plans.

* When you are physically intimate, it's an experience and connection that you have never felt before.

* Your twin flame understands you like no one else can.

* No matter how many times you fight or disagree, you both always find peace and resolution and are quick to forgive each other.

* You are more than just lovers, but you are true best friends and want to experience everything together.

* You can't imagine your life without them. Thinking of such a thing brings you great sorrow and anxiety.

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